Track Sessions

The Digital HR Innovation Week presents four distinct tracks, each featuring a collection of sessions covering a core area of HR’s current operations. The tracks have been crafted to provide attendees with a well-rounded overview of HR’s evolving role in organisational transformation, employee experience, learning, and talent innovations. The tracks are spread out across the five days of the event, so make sure check out our latest agenda – and plan to watch those sessions you can’t miss out on!

Learning & Talent Innovation

With changes to the way the organization operates through the influence of technology and social change, it’s become increasingly clear that learning and talent practices need to evolve too. Learning and talent development has become a constant, multi-channel feature of high-performing organisations. But it’s about more than just tech.

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HR Transformation Innovation

‘Transformation’ is no longer a singular finite process but a constant state of being for all organisations. The same is essentially true for HR functions, departments, teams, and individual professionals around the world. As HR now begins to grasp the necessity of its own state of evolution, the question is not whether to transform, but how to make adaptive change a part of HR’s functional DNA.

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EX & Employee Journey Innovation

One of the largest changes in the world of HR has been in the area of employee experience. Now, we’re not talking about the after-work beer and ping-pong table type of EX. We’re talking about how to change, adapt, and evolve the entire EX life-cycle with the help of people analytics, digital technologies, and good old-fashioned inter-personal relations.

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Organisation & Culture Innovation

People are the heart of all organizations and all transformations—even those that feature the most complex technologies available. In order to get the most out of HR’s new digital mandate, it is essential that the organisation leverages the innovative potential of talented employees and possesses the cultural blueprint that allows them to flourish.

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