Feedback that inspires.

Tandem is moving beyond performance management so that you can optimize the potential of your people.

We provide crowdsourced, real time feedback that energizes your people to achieve more. Managers & employees can request and give feedback in real time to support continuous development.

Through 360 and personalised coaching reports, every employee can become more aware of their personal brand, facilitating them to have the self insight to inspire growth and development.

Built for an agile organisations, Tandem enables managers, project managers and employees to set and review goals on the go and check in with each other for those all important 1 to 1 conversations.

Our insightful analytics allow HR to build and measure a performance culture that inspires. We provide meaningful data HR need to influence business strategy.

We have seen the value of feedback to employees that span country, industry and multi generational workforce, through our recent global survey. Check out our results here.

We are proud sponsors of the Mark Mortensen masterclass and we look forward to meeting you in The Hague!

Understand your feedback culture today by taking our quick diagnostic survey. Click here to take the survey.

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Founding Director
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Clare Bonham,
CTO and co-founder
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