Hack the 3 A’s of Human Behaviour: Transform the Personal Leadership, Culture, and Pain of Change of Your Tribe

Day 2 – 29 April 2020 | 14:00 – 15:05

Hack the 3 A's of Human Behaviour: Transform the Personal Leadership, Culture, and Pain of Change of Your Tribe

The pain of change is one of the strongest communicative signals in our body. What are the fears and pains of change in the minds of your people today?

How are they dealing with their pains, discomforts and inconveniences in a workforce facing constant change, disruption and transformation? What impact does that have on the performance, relevance and future of not only their careers, but your organisation? How can behaviour change transform this scenario for you and your team?

Using unique strategies based on behavioural sciences, psychology, leadership and agility, Sangbreeta Moitra, founder of Transform Exponential, will dive deep into how you can hack your behaviours, understand the mind of your decision-makers, build meaningful relationships with the people you serve through your work, and transform the personal leadership, pain of change and culture of your team and tribe.

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About Sangbreeta Moitra:

TEDx award-winning speaker Sangbreeta Moitra is a leading expert strategist, founder and speaker on hacking human behaviour in the age of technology, and its impact on transforming personal leadership, culture, change, communication and building meaningful human relationships with customers, decision-makers and team members. Her trusted clients include Nike, Booking, Shell, Tommy Hilfiger, ING Bank, NN Group among many others.

With a background in neurobiology, she worked in global management of neuro-psychiatric illness studies for several years before branching out with her advisory, speaking and seminars on behaviour change. A champion debater and public speaker from her early days, Sangbreeta has won the TEDx award in 2017 and has been featured in global publications such as The Huffington Post and The Financial Express. She currently lives in Amsterdam and in her spare time, mentors startups, scale-ups and young professionals in The Netherlands.