EX & Employee Journey Innovation Track

EX & Employee Journey Innovation

Day 2 – 29 April 2020 | 11:00 – 15:30

(In paralel with Organization & Culture Innovation Track)

One of the largest changes in the world of HR has been in the area of employee experience. Now, we’re not talking about the after-work beer and ping-pong table type of EX. We’re talking about how to change, adapt, and evolve the entire EX life-cycle with the help of people analytics, digital technologies, and good old-fashioned inter-personal relations. The time of EX being a collection of ‘nice things-to-have’ is over. Organisations with a well scaled EX practice that’s also tied closely to the business case is now an essential part of a high-performing company. In this track we’ll show you how to make the lives of your employees increasingly friction-less, and thus, how your EX can really become an every-day part of your competitive advantage.

More information and detailed agenda coming soon.