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Where the magic happens – welcome to Stamford Global!

At Stamford Global, we are passionate about people. We are passionate about workplaces that place humans at the forefront of the business. We are passionate about making a difference, and about connecting you to the brightest minds in HR to support our guiding mission – creating a better world together.

This is why after over 10 years of operation, and after running several global HR events, we embarked in 2016 on a journey with a simple goal: let’s create the best Congress that places people at the centre of work – The HR Congress.

What we learned during the process of creating The HR Congress series directly led to the creation of The Digital HR Innovation Summit series – a companion event dedicated to exploring the impact that digital technologies are having on innovation, HR, people, and the organisation.

You can find the key contacts for The Digital HR Innovation Summit below. If you have a general question, please contact us with the form below.

For general enquiries please write to us through this form.